Thelma's Marriage To Johnny Sinclair

In 1934 Thelma married actor Johnny Sinclair. He was born John West Sinclair on January 6, 1900 in Memphis, Tennessee. Johnny appeared in more than thirty-five films including The Barber Shop and High Gear. He also worked as a stunt double and gag writer for W.C. Fields. Thelma met Johnny in 1925 when she was engaged to another man. The couple had an on again off again romance for many years. When Thelma married Johnny she was living in an apartment at 323 N. Sierra Bonita in Los Angeles. Soon after they moved into a modest house on Blackburn Avenue. Unfortunately Thelma and Johnny were both alcoholics. Although they had a rocky relationship they remained together until Thelma's tragic death in 1938. A few years later Johnny remarried. He continued to struggle with alcoholism and died from cirrhosis of the liver on February 13, 1945. Johnny is buried at Valhalla Memorial Park in North Hollywood.

Johnny Sinclair

                                 W.C. Fields and Johnny Sinclair