Thelma's Filmography

Thelma appeared in more than one hundred films between 1919 and 1934. Most of her roles were in comedy shorts produced by Mack Sennett. Sadly many of her silent films are now considered lost.


Mixed Nuts (short) ~ Chorine * WATCH IT *


Merrily Yours (short) ~ Betty * WATCH IT *


Wild People ~ Blonde cave woman * WATCH IT *

The Dentist (short) ~ Patient in waiting room (Thelma's scene was deleted)

Officer, Save My Child (short)

Sunkissed Sweeties (short)


The Miracle Woman ~ Gussie * WATCH A SCENE *

The Naughty Flirt ~ Secretary * WATCH A SCENE *


Two Plus Fours (short) ~ Mary Ginsberg * WATCH IT *


The Golfers (short) ~ Winnie Martin * WATCH IT *

Clunked On The Corner (short) ~ Saleswoman * WATCH A SCENE *

The Lunkhead (short) ~ Margie Martin

The Barber's Daughter (short) ~ Peggy Martin

Jazz Mamas (short) ~ Uncredited role

The Constabule (short) ~ Betty Martin * WATCH A SCENE *

The Big Palooka (short) ~ Thelma

Broadway Blues (short) ~ Sally Perkins

Taxi Spooks (short) ~ Annie Carey

The Old Barn (short) ~Thelma * WATCH IT *

The Bride's Relations (short) ~ Betty

Don't Say Ain't (short) ~ Toots

Spareribs Reforms (short) ~ Toots

Who's the Boss? (short) ~ Toots

Toots' Big Idea (short) ~ Toots

His Wife's Secret (short) ~ Toots

Big-Hearted Toots (short) ~ Toots

Casper's Night Out (short) ~ Toots

Smile, Buttercup, Smile (short) ~ Toots * WATCH IT *


Casper's Week End (short) ~ Toots * WATCH IT *

The Family Meal Ticket (short) ~ Toots

What a Wife (short) ~ Toots

Fooling Casper (short) ~ Toots * WATCH IT *

Two Tars (short) ~ Thelma * WATCH IT *

The Play Girl ~ The Salesgirl

The Chorus Kid ~ Peggy Powell

Crooks Can't Win ~ Mary Gillen

Love Is Blonde (short)

Hearts of Men ~ Doris Weston

Dumb Daddies (short) ~ Thelma * WATCH IT *

Hold Your Hat (short) ~ The Neighbor Wife


The Fair Co-Ed ~ Rose * WATCH IT *

New Faces for Old (short)

Boys Will Be Girls (short)

The Beauty Parlor (short)

Cured in the Excitement (short)

The Pride of Pikeville (short) ~ Pearl Pepper * WATCH IT *

Crazy to Act (short) ~ The Director's Wife * WATCH IT *

His First Flame ~ Girl Who Jumps Into the Hoop Net * WATCH A SCENE *

Broke in China (short) ~ Woman at roulette table * WATCH A SCENE *

Smith's Surprise (short)

The Jolly Jilter (short)

A Finished Actor (short)

Peaches and Plumbers (short)

Pass the Dumplings (short)

Wisecrackers Series (Love at First Fight / Turkish Howls / The Artists Brawl) ~ 2nd Telephone Operator


Hoboken to Hollywood (short) ~ Pinkney's Bride * WATCH IT *

Flirty Four-Flushers (short) ~ Bill Brown's Fiancee * WATCH IT *

The Prodigal Bridegroom (short) ~ Lizzie Boone * WATCH IT *

Ice Cold Cocos (short) ~ Bathing beauty * WATCH A SCENE *

Smith's Baby (short) ~ Moviegoer

The Windjammer

A Harem Knight ~ Harem girl * WATCH A SCENE *

The Divorce Dodger (short) * WATCH A SCENE *

A Yankee Doodle Duke (short) ~ Apache Dancer

A Couple of Skates (short)

The College Yell (short) ~ The Girl in the Automobile

So This Is Paris? (short) ~ Nanette

Hooked at the Altar (short)

Whispering Whiskers (short) ~ Offended Woman on Train * WATCH A SCENE *

Hearts For Rent ~ The Mother

Where's My Baby


The Cat's Whiskers (short)

Isn't Love Cuckoo? (short)

The Soapsuds Lady (short)

From Rags to Britches (short) ~ Bathing Beauty

Over Thereabouts (short)

A Sweet Pickle (short)

A Rainy Knight (short) ~ The Maid * WATCH A SCENE *

Butter Fingers (short) ~ Dancing extra

Super-Hooper-Dyne Lizzies (short) * WATCH IT *

Skinners in Silk (short)

Cupid's Boots (short)

The Marriage Circus (short)

Pie-Eyed (short) ~ Girl in club

Bashful Jim (short)

His Marriage Wow (short) ~ The Maid * WATCH A SCENE *

The Wild Goose Chaser (short)

The Plumber (short)

The Sea Squawk (short) ~ Girl in clown costume * WATCH A SCENE *


Scarem Much (short) ~ Bathing Girl

His New Mamma (short) ~ Bathing Girl * WATCH IT *

Love's Sweet Piffle (short)

Galloping Bungalows (short) ~ Maid / Bathing Beauty * WATCH A SCENE *

Riders of the Purple Cows (short)

The Cannon Ball Express (short)

The Hansom Cabman (short) ~ Betty's friend * WATCH A SCENE *

Little Robinson Corkscrew (short) ~ The Maid

East of the Water Plug (short) ~ Actress

Lizzies of the Field (short) ~ Race spectator * WATCH A SCENE *

Yukon Jake (short) ~ Bathing Girl * WATCH IT *

The Hollywood Kid (short) ~ Bathing Girl * WATCH A SCENE *

The Half-back Of Notre Dame ~ Bathing Girl * WATCH A SCENE *

Picking Peaches (short) ~ Beauty Contestant * WATCH IT *


Married Life ~ Nurse


Up In Alf's Place ~ Bathing girl