Thelma Was Really Born In 1904

Most sources say Thelma Hill was born on December 12, 1906. That is the date that is on her death certificate. After researching her family I discovered that she was actually born in 1904! Here is the proof ...

There is a newspaper article from Emporia, Kansas dated December 13, 1904 announcing her birth

On the 1910 census Thelma Hillerman (her real last name) is listed as being five old.

There are several newspaper articles from 1905 about the divorce of Thelma's parents, Gussie and Clifford Hillerman. One of the articles says that their only child was four months old in April of 1905.

All of this proves that Thelma could not have been born in 1906. She was really born on December 12, 1904 making her two years older than she claimed.