Two Tars With Laurel And Hardy

Thelma Hill's Story

Thelma Was Really Born In 1904

Gussie & Clifford Hillerman ~ Thelma's Parents

Did Fatty Arbuckle Discover Thelma?

Bathing Beauty Pin-Ups

The "Mah Jongg Bathing Girl"

How Marie Prevost Helped Thelma

Hoboken To Hollywood with Billy Bevan

The Pride Of Pikeville with Ben Turpin

The Toots And Casper Movies

St. Elmo Boyce ~ Thelma's Fiance

Thelma's Marriage To Johnny Sinclair

Thelma's Death

Magazine & Newspaper Clippings

Merry Christmas


The Fair Co-Ed with Marion Davies

Thelma's Movies & Where To Watch Them